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I hope everyone had an amazing holiday! My body and brain are still trying to get back into work mode, but I’m not going to rush that until after the New Year.

I’ve been buzzing with excitement the past couple of days because I was featured on Cincinnati Refined’s list of “9 Cincinnati Area Bloggers To Watch”. This is a huge honor for me, because I’m a devoted follower of anything and everything Cincinnati Refined shares. They are the go-to for all things happening in the Queen City, and to be chosen as someone to watch feels like I’m checking off something major on my bucket list.

cincinnati refined bloggers

The blogging scene has really progressed over the years, and it’s nice to see the variety of blogs based out of Cincinnati. You’ll also notice another Thread Cincinnati member on the list: Katie of Out + Outfit. The other bloggers included are:

Tanya of Lemons for Lulu

Brooke of Skinny Mom

Sarah of Chic Sprinkles

Dana of House Tweaking

The Gnarly Gnome

Emily of Go Haus Go

Ronny of Queen City Discovery

Congrats to all the bloggers who made the list, and thank you to everyone who reads Baubles to Bubbles!


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