Bundled In Blue

J.Crew Cobalt winter coat

Only in the last two years have I fallen hard for coats and jackets. Up until then, I didn’t even give them a second look. A coat was a coat, and it’s sole purpose was to keep me warm. I think it was my mom who made me give a cute coat a second look. She has quite the collection, and it’s pretty impressive to see so many varieties of things that are cute and can keep you warm.

This piqued my interest after I realized my winter wardrobe was pretty boring. As much as I love color in the spring and summer, it’s pretty much absent from my life come winter. I decided the best and easiest way to change this was to start hunting for some cute coats. There are tons out there, but I have to say J.Crew always carries my favorites. The designs are timeless, but the colors scream fun. Another major win: this is warm. That’s at the top of the wish list.

Blue Winter Coat with White Beanie

I snagged this up a few months ago during one of J.Crew’s epic sales. Working in real estate, I’m on the move a lot but still have to look like a perfectly put together professional at all times. A structured and warm coat has been the solution to all my problems, because let’s face it: nobody enjoys going in and out of empty houses that haven’t had the heat on in months.

Winter has officially arrived in the Nati, and since I can’t avoid it forever (even though I have been bed ridden the past three days due to the flu) I need to tackle it in style. I’ve gone a little coat crazy the past two years, and I can proudly say that I have a nice little rotation of options. Bring it on, winter!

J.Crew Stadium Cloth Winter Coat

J.Crew Stadium Cloth Peacoat

Another winter favorite is this white embellished beanie. It was an Ann Taylor find last year, and it’s probably my favorite cold weather accessory. Hats and beanies are another thing I’ve grown to love, and I’m on a mission to get more.

Cobalt Blue Peacoat J.Crew

J.Crew Stadium Cloth Majesty Peacoat | J.Crew Pixie Pants | Ann Taylor Embellished Beanie (similar) | BP Trolley Booties

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6 thoughts on “Bundled In Blue

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  2. Grace Silla

    So sorry to hear that you’ve had the flu. Being sick is always such a pain – hopefully you’ll be 100% in no time. I love coats and have always had an obsession with them. I remember writing about it several years back and stating that I have to cut back on how many I buy. I just find them so irresistible! Ha! And of course I love this coat – I saw it on IG and thought it was the prettiest color. Glad you’ve joined us coat fans 😉


  3. Rachel

    This blue is such a beautiful blue! I think have a coat with color is so nice in the winter, it just seems to brighten everything up 🙂 Also, I LOVE the gingham top peeking through!


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