Bauble Wish List: Loren Hope

It’s been awhile since I revolved a Bauble Wish List around one specific jewelry designer, but I thought it was time to highlight another favorite of mine. I’m sure most of you have heard of Loren Hope. In case you haven’t, I think you’re going to like what you see.

Loren Barham is the mastermind behind Loren Hope, a Rhode Island based jewelry craftsmen who has mastered the art of mixing glamorous and vintage-inspired. Her pieces feature bold and colorful gemstones, and are often paired with vintage looking hardware to create a perfectly beautiful piece of jewelry. One of my favorite things about her jewelry is that you can easily spot a piece made by Loren Hope. I love when that happens, because that means a designer has their aesthetic down to a science.

Another major plus is that her jewelry is crafted in the USA, so you can show your patriotism and treat yourself! There’s a lot of styling options with these pieces, too. You can wear it alone, or layer it up for a flashy and statement-making look. The colors of the gemstones are so rich, and look like priceless vintage masterpieces. The good news? The price point is extremely reasonable, meaning you can build up quite the collection!

Are you a Loren Hope fan? What’s your favorite piece below?

Loren Hope Jewelry

Sarra Cuff | Odette Earrings | Chloe Bracelet

Abba Earrings | Venus Studs

Sylvia Necklace | Jackson Necklace | Lorelai Pearl Collar


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