Video: New Vlog!

I’ve been attempting to vlog more, but it’s seriously so hard to remember sometimes! Plus, life lately has just been a lot of snow and work. I decided to group together everything from January up until now. My favorite part of the video is when Joe and I went to Ohio Book Store during his visit last weekend. It’s one of my favorite hidden Cincinnati gems, and we’ve been going there for years now. Joe’s a huge bookworm and was pretty much in heaven the first time we stumbled upon it. There are floors and floors of books, and even if you’re not an avid reader it’s still an awesome place to check out. I’m the person taking a million pictures each time I’m there because it’s such a cool space. You feel like you’re stepping back in time, and you really can’t beat that amazing book smell!

How fast is this week flying by? Maybe it’s because the forecast this weekend is promising 60 degree weather, but I’m so ready for it to get here. Honestly, the high 30s the past few days have felt like a spring day, so I can’t even imagine my state of pure joy if the weatherman’s predictions are right this weekend.

Happy Thursday!


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