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Homage College Apparel

Since we’re currently in the thick of March Madness, today’s post is a perfectly timed mix of college sports and fashion. As you may or may not know, I am a proud alum of the University of Dayton. My Flyers made it into the March Madness tournament, but unfortunately didn’t make it pass the first round. I watched most of the game, but by the second half we pretty much got slaughtered. It was a tough loss, especially since a few short years ago we made it to the Elite Eight.

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Homage College Apparel

Homage Cincinnati

Homage College Apparel

Want to know something that’s not disappointing? This long sleeve shirt from Homage. Full disclosure: before I got this UD shirt from Homage, I had zero Dayton spirit wear. I did have one Dayton Flyers shirt early on in college, but my boyfriend conveniently “borrowed” it from me and it hasn’t been in my possession since. It didn’t help that it was a men’s long sleeve shirt and fit him perfectly.

Ever since then, I just never really found any college spirit wear that I liked. That changed when I browsed the Homage site and realized I wanted virtually ever single piece of UD gear. Stylish college apparel? I didn’t think such a thing existed until now! The designs are clean, fresh and not too loud. And the quality is what really blew me away. This long sleeve Flyers shirt was thick and extremely soft. It didn’t feel like some flimsy tee that wears out after a few washes.

Some of us Thread Cincinnati ladies teamed up to support our favorite college teams for March Madness. Liz is rocking a UC raglan (that I want to steal as a fellow Bearcat fan myself), and Katie is sporting an adorable UK tee in the perfect shade of Kentucky blue. Head to their blogs to see more shots from our sporty photoshoot.

University of Dayton Long Sleeve Shirt

Now I feel like I need to confess something.

I was really bummed about Dayton losing so early in the tournament, but I was way more sad that I didn’t have an excuse to keep wearing this outfit than I was being an upset UD alum. Yes, fashion always reigns supreme in all aspects of my life.

How’s your team faring in March Madness? I need a new team to root for the rest of the tournament, so I’m open to suggestions!

Homage Cincinnati

Homage College Apparel

Homage Dayton Flyers Faithful Shirt c/o

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