The Perfect Easter Sunday

The Perfect Easter Sunday

Easter is always one of my favorite holidays to celebrate. The weather is usually nice, and everything is starting to bloom and feel fresh.

The Perfect Easter Sunday

This year’s Easter was extra enjoyable, and it felt like everything worked out perfectly to make for an amazing day. First, Joe was in town which is always a good thing. Between my busy real estate schedule and him studying/always traveling for work, we haven’t gotten to spend a lot of time together in 2016. He enjoys a good meal as much as I do, so he was easily convinced to make the drive for the weekend.

blooming spring trees

Family Easter PIcture

In addition to Joe being in town, it was really nice to spend the day with my family. I love Easter because it doesn’t seem as hectic as some of the other holidays, and you get to relax a bit more. I think we’re all pretty excited it’s starting to warm up, and we clearly took full advantage of the nice day.

My mom is Italian, so our Easter consists of homemade ravioli.

Since I don’t eat meat, I always have my sights set on the cheese ravs. They’re the most amazing things I’ve ever had. Also, it’s all I think about during the week leading up to Easter. No joke, I eat about 20 ravs during our Easter lunch. I’m a pasta addict, and something comes over me once you put ravioli in front of me. I’m sure my Italian ancestors are very proud!

I usually have a pretty clear idea of my holiday outfits in advance. But this year was so hectic that I had no clue what I was wearing until 30 minutes before we had to leave. I decided on this cream colored laser cut leather dress since the weather was gorgeous and I’ve been itching to wear a dress. Since it wouldn’t be Easter without a pop of color, I paired the dress with some bright pink suede heels and these Kendra Scott amethyst earrings.

Kendra Scott Carey Earrings

Joe brought out his colors too, and wore this  yellow Brooks Brothers sweater that I love.

He also snuck in this bunny ears shot that I thought was too cute to not post.

I hope everyone had a good Easter!

The Perfect Easter Sunday -  Bunny Ears Picture

RACHEL Rachel Roy Leather Dress


Dee Keller Pink Heels

(OBSESSED with these)

Kendra Scott Carey Earrings

NARS Satin Lip Pencil in ‘Yu’


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