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What To Wear to a Baseball Game

Opening Day was Monday, and the only real bright spot that came out of the day are these pictures. You know how when one thing goes wrong, everything else after seems to fall apart? Well, that’s how Opening Day was this year…

Baseball Cap Outfit Ideas J.Crew Polka Dot Shirt

Baseball Game Outfit Ideas

I’ll keep it short, but the day started with my dad getting a flat tire. I always go to Opening Day with my parents, and my mom and I got a call from him that he got a flat while we were on our way to meet him at Incline Public House (our favorite place to eat lunch/get an Uber from). Fast forward a few hours, and we had to wait an hour to meet our friend for our tickets, and waited in an even longer line to get into the stadium. We were nicely settled in line, when a stadium employee told us to walk to another entrance of the stadium where “nobody else was trying to enter”. We sprinted over there only to find a few hundred more people pushing and shoving to get in.

After aging many years, we finally entered the stadium. Apparently during this time, we had also missed the National Anthem and the first pitch. Good times. After power walking around half of Great American Ballpark to get to our seats, we sat down and were ready for some baseball. That excitement lasted all of 60 seconds, my friends. Once we were settled into our seats, we realized that the sunny, warm day was long gone. It was now cloudy, insanely windy and bitterly cold. You know it’s bad when even you’re dad is complaining that he’s freezing. I feel like men never admit to being cold!

I believe we shivered through an inning and a half of the game. I don’t really remember, because I had a river flowing from my nose and the tears in my eyes had turned to icicles. My mom and I took shelter in the bathroom for awhile, and finally waved our white flag. We couldn’t get out of there fast enough. I ordered an Uber (at a 2.7 surge), and he kindly blasted the heat for us on the drive back.

I took a long, satisfying nap when I got home, and even got to hear the great news that we won! That was very pleasant to hear from the comforts of my warm bed.

Before all this happened, the weather was incredible while we snapped these pictures. I was pumped for the game and loving the spring temperatures. That’s the funny thing about looking back on pictures. One day, I’ll probably look back at these and 1. not even remember the misfortunate series of events, or 2. laugh at the fact that everything seemed to go wrong on this day. Either way, at least I was dressed well, right?!

Moto Jacket with Baseball Cap What To Wear To A Baseball Game

   Nike womens juvenate shoes Outfit Ideas for a baseball game

Outfit wise, I was proud with what I put together at the last minute. I love sports, but I also love to show off my fashion side, too. I usually opt for a much more classic, preppy look, but felt like switching it up this year.

This Topshop Moto Jacket has only been in my possession for a few days now, but I’m already hooked on it. I’ve been hunting for a black faux leather jacket, and was not expecting to find one at the start of spring. At least this weather’s giving me a few chances to wear it right now. It’s got a good amount of hardware, but if you pair it with the right pieces, it works.

I struggled finding a top to wear with this, but who can ever say no to a classic polka dot shirt? I had to add something whimsical!

Another new member of my closet made its debut on Opening Day. This whole “athleisure” thing has been sounding really nice to me, so I snagged these Nike Juvenate sneakers and my life is forever changed. If it were possible to walk on clouds, it would feel like this. How have I never owned cute gym shoes until now?

Topshop Leather Moto Jacket

Topshop Moto Jacket

Topshop Faux Leather Biker Jacket

J.Crew Polka Dot Shirt

AG Skinny Ankle Jeans

Nike Juvenate Sneakers

Rebecca Minkoff Mini MAC 

Ray-Ban Wayfarers

Cincinnati Reds Baseball Cap


7 thoughts on “Play Ball

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  2. Grace Silla

    I LOVE this outfit – I mean, I would wear this now if I could. I don’t even have a favorite part of it because it all flows together so nicely. I love the baseball cap with the sneakers and the feminine touch of polka dots. You look fabulous! So sorry to hear that the game was so cold and not quite as fun as you guys had hoped. Maybe the next one will be better!


  3. Mili

    Lol yes, even if it wasn’t the best of days and the weather was dreadful, at least you looked cute 😀 And your team won! Love the moto jacket btw 🙂


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