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We’ve officially made it to the end of this cold and rainy week. I had to keep reminding myself that it wasn’t fall all week. I’ve actually resorted to turning my space heater on high whenever I’m at the office. This probably isn’t healthy, but I let it get to the point where my skin is physically burning from the heat before I turn it down. That’s probably only making me less resistant to the cold, but I think I’m already past the point of no return there. Let’s hope these next few weeks of April will treat us to some real spring weather!

Due to my nut allergy, I never have the pleasure of ordering a fancy dessert whether I’m at a restaurant or a cute little bakery. If I want something sweet, it’s up to me to make it myself. I’ve become quite the baker over the years, and am always open to adding new recipes to my repertoire. When I came across this choux à la crème glacée recipe on LaurenConrad.com, my eyes instantly lit up. These are essentially miniature ice cream sandwiches that are *almost* too pretty to eat. Sure, they’d probably still taste amazing without the sprinkles, but can’t we all agree that rainbow sprinkles make everything a bit more tempting? I’m also living by the motto that since they’re “miniature” you won’t feel as guilty eating them. Cheers!

Mini Ice Cream Sandwiches with Sprinkles

If there’s a website I like to stalk on the reg, it’s Charm & Chain. Obviously, my curious mind always veers over to the site since it’s overflowing with the latest and greatest in jewelry. The good news? There’s a 25% off sitewide sale if you use the code “WEAREFAMILY”. Dangerous and amazing all at once! I’m really digging this Loren Hope Eden Y Necklace, and the fact that it’s on sale is tempting me. I love the mix of the antiqued gold with the pinkish purple and emerald gemstones. What do you guys think?

Loren Hope Necklace

Spring is the perfect time of year to utilize the amazing flavor of lemon. I love anything that has lemon in it, and although I’ve never had cognac, I think this Lemon Thyme Sidecar from Cake N Knife sounds delicious. It looks crisp and refreshing, and would be the perfect weekend drink to make for your girlfriends.

Lemon Thyme Cocktail Recipe

image via Cake N Knife


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