Adorned In Orange

Sleeveless Orange Top | what to wear to a flower show

Today’s blog post might as well be an ode to spring. It’s full of color and flowers. Lots of flowers.

Like I mentioned Monday, my mom and I went to the Cincinnati Flower Show over the weekend, and it was amazing. I love spring, and the amount of flowers we saw was proof that the best season of the year is here. I’m so happy I brought my camera along to document, because I won’t stop staring at these pictures anytime soon!

Colorful Flowers

 Colorful Spring Outfit Ideas | what to wear to a flower show

What to wear to a flower show?

So what does one wear to a flower show? I was asking myself that same question while staring blankly at my closet with my mouth wide open. If it were up to me, I’d be wearing my best daytime dress with a complimentary pair of heels. And of course, lots of jewelry. However, I knew I had to go with a more realistic option since 1. I knew we’d be walking a ton, and 2. it was 75 degrees outside.

My Top

I knew I had to wear something with color in it. I’m such a cheerleader for spring if you haven’t noticed already. Thankfully I have this trusty Forever 21 top that I bought way early on in college. Don’t you love those inexpensive Forever 21 purchases that never seem to go out of style? I sure do. This is actually pretty thick and structured, so it feels a bit dressier than a regular sleeveless top.


The accessories were really the most fun part of this getup. I knew this is where I wanted my look to shine (pun intended). These Dune London embellished sandals are beyond comfy and so perfect for a day spent on your feet. Since we were going to a flower show, I went the obvious route and opted for this Kate Spade flower necklace. It’s substantial but lightweight, which is perfect for a warm spring day.

Finally, I wore what is easily my favorite pair of sunglasses I own. These bad boys are from Banana Republic and I feel retro-chic every time I wear them. PS- Banana Republic has a ton of different color options in this style!

 Cincinnati Flower Show

what to wear to a flower show

Garden with Fountain

I think this is my dream garden setup. Between the bulb strand lights and this incredible wall fountain, I want this to be my backyard.

Pink and white wedding flower arrangement

I don’t plan on getting married anytime soon, but this wedding flower arrangement had me dreaming of my future wedding. I love all the pinks and whites, and the idea of using flowers as a table runner is genius.

White JCrew Shorts

Orange Sleeveless Top (love this identical option!)

J.Crew Chino Shorts

Dune London Embellished Sandals (similar)

Banana Republic Sunglasses (love these, these, and these)

Kate Spade Flower Necklace (gorgeous option)


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