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I definitely enjoyed my first full week not being sick. That, and the weather being awesome made me one happy girl. Another reason I’m excited? Some of my favorite shows are starting to air their season premieres. There’s always something exciting when a show you love comes back from hiatus. Now, my favorites aren’t anything deep. We’re talking pretty much everything on Bravo, such as Real Housewives of New York and Million Dollar Listing: New York. Oh, and how can I forget Kimmy Schmidt?!

If you guys haven’t watched Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, you need to schedule a Netflix binge-watching weekend immediately. Season two just premiered on Netflix, and it’s so good (as expected). It’s witty, colorful and straight up hilarious.

For whatever reason, I’ve become obsessed with looking at swimsuits. I’ve really gotten into one pieces (as evidenced from my suit last year), and now I can’t stop myself from looking at them. I feel like there’s so many more options than you have with a two piece. I came across this Trejoa one piece last night, and I couldn’t stop staring at it. I still have it pulled up on my computer, and will likely be pulling the trigger over the weekend. I’m a little worried about the chest area, but I feel like I just need to try it so I know. I mean, that print is speaking to me!

Trejoa Swimwear

Now that I’m no longer sick, all I want to do is drink on a rooftop. Of course, rooftop drinking also means rooftop-appropriate cocktails. This Blood Orange Sangria recipe from The Whisking Kitchen definitely fits the bill. It’s fairly easy to make, and the blackberry and mint garnishes are perfect for spring.

Blood Orange Sangria

I’ve been dreaming of the beach lately, especially since Joe and I have been planning a beach trip later this year. We’re not sure where we’re headed yet, and I can’t help myself from constantly looking at pictures of pretty beaches. Condé Nast Traveler recently published an article on the best pink sand beaches in the world, and it’s making me want to transport myself to one of them, stat.

You can see the full list here, but the beach pictured below is in Spain. It almost looks fake because it’s so perfect. Anyone want to take a trip with me?!

Pink Sand Beaches


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