April Favorites

Today’s video is all about what I loved in the month of April. Speaking of April, where in the world did it go? It feels so strange to keep saying that it’s May. Click below to watch the video, and keep reading for more info on what’s featured!

Although quick, April was a fun month in terms of shopping and trying new things. I went pretty wild when it comes to shopping because I’m so excited that it’s spring. Any excuse for shopping, right?!

April Favorites


-I tried out a new scent this month and am obsessed with it. Have any of you tried Bombshell from Victoria’s Secret? I wanted a rollerball perfume to keep in my purse when I need a little refresh, and happened to come across this in a pinch. I was rushing to a post-work meeting and ran to Victoria’s Secret to try and find a good scent. Bombshell was the first thing I smelled and knew it was the one. I bought this with the intention of using it when I’m on the go, but I’ve actually been rolling this on in the morning as my all day scent. It’s so good, and I think I’ll be buying the full size bottle in the near future!

-Highlighter has become my go-to beauty product, and I don’t feel complete without it now. I bought the Laura Mercier ‘Matte Radiance’ Baked Powder about six months ago, and haven’t looked back. My skin leans toward the oily side, and this highlighting powder gives me the perfect glow without making my skin greasy. It’s amazing to see how much it enhances your look with just a few swipes. Plus, I’ve had this for half a year and haven’t even made a dent in it. Definitely worth the price!


-Sunglasses are my favorite accessory of the moment, and I’ve had to hold myself back from going crazy buying them. I used to hate sunglasses, and now I always find myself looking at them online and in person. I bought the Ray-Ban Erika sunglasses earlier in April, and love how comfortable the fit is. They’re really sleek looking and I can pair them with anything in my closet.

-Realistically, I won’t be able to wear this until fall, but I had to snatch up this Topshop moto jacket when I saw it at Nordstrom. I’ve been searching high and low for a black faux leather jacket, and finally felt that this one was a good match. It has quilted details on the sleeves and lots of zippers, which I’d usually be against but it works well on this jacket. I’m all for simple pieces, and I didn’t mind the hardware on here.

Favorite Bauble

For April’s favorite bauble, I had to go with the Kendra Scott Cindy hoop earrings. It’s funny because I’ve been very “anti-hoop” the past 10 or so years. When I was younger, I wore my fair share of hoops (they were on the small side). I then went through a phase in high school and college where I was so against them for myself. I didn’t mind them on other people, but just wasn’t feeling it for myself. Then, I went to the Kendra Scott store and fell in love with these hoops from the summer collection. They have charms on them, which I died over and didn’t think twice about buying them. I’ve worn them a ton since I bought them, and I know they’re going to be paired with all my off the shoulder tops this spring and summer!

Last, but certainly not least are the Calvin Klein Nola mules. My mom really came through without me even telling her, which is awesome. She got these for me for Easter and knew I desperately wanted some mules, but had no clue that I actually had wanted this exact pair. It was a pleasant Easter to say the least! These mules are great, and the matte leather look makes them appropriate year round.

Those were my April favorites! What did you love in April? I’m excited to see what things I’ll be loving in May!


6 thoughts on “April Favorites

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  2. BeautyByStarlet

    <3ing your favorite videos!!!! Just started a channel myself! It isn't easy, lol! Filming takes a lot of work! You are doing a great job! Sending <3 your way! Follow!! 🙂 Subscribing too!

  3. The Lilac Press

    A rollerball perfume is such a good idea to keep in your purse!! Also I LOVE sunglasses! I have such sensitive eyes so I definitely go a little crazy buying them!! Xo


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