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Denim Jacket Outfit Ideas

I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I haven’t owned a denim jacket since I was probably 14 years old. I went through a phase where I wasn’t as into them, but once I outgrew that phase I had the hardest time finding a jacket I liked. Everything I tried was either the wrong wash, too cropped or just didn’t fit right. You could say I was feeling pretty discouraged with my denim hunt.

I feel like it’s fashion fate that brought me to this Banana Republic denim jacket.

You see, I was killing some time before an appointment a few weeks ago and decided to do what any girl would do: shop. A trip to Banana never does me wrong, so it was my first and only stop. I loaded up on things to try on, including these black skinny jeans and this denim jacket. Both fit like a glove, and I am so thankful for those thirty minutes I had to kill.

There are multiple reasons I knew this was my dream denim. First of all, it’s extremely soft and doesn’t have that stiff structure that some other jackets do. I love that. I want to be able to move around in a jacket, and this one lets me do that. Also, the color is exactly what I’ve been wanting. It’s a classic blue denim, and not too light and not too dark. It’s right in the middle of the spectrum, meaning I can wear it with anything (which I’ve totally been doing).

Casual Outfit Denim Jacket

Bow Choker Necklace

Lately, I’ve been going through a simplistic phase, which is pretty evident with today’s outfit. I’m really digging everything clean cut and not too over the top. The only jewelry I’m wearing here is a simple suede bow choker (which I made a DIY video on). There’s something so chic about a simple outfit.

Skinny Black Jeans Denim Jacket

Denim Jacket Outfit Ideas

White Blouse Denim Jacket

Banana Republic Distressed Denim Jacket

Banana Republic Skinny Jeans

Anthropologie Blouse (similar)

Ankle Strap Sandals (similar)

Ray-Ban Sunglasses


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