Summer Tweed Dress

Banana Republic Tweed Fit And Flare Dress

Happy Tuesday! I got back in town yesterday after spending the weekend in St. Louis for a wedding. Even though the flight is a little under and hour, I am struggling to get back to reality. It was such a fun weekend, but sleep was not on the agenda. There’s definitely going to be some naps worked into my schedule this week. Life as a vibrant 26-year-old…

Tweed Fit And Flare Dress

Blue Tweed Dress

If you look at my closet, you’d probably notice my particularly large dress collection. No matter how many dresses I have, I always seem to want more and will come up with any excuse necessary to justify it. I think some of you out there can probably (/hopefully) relate to that justifying your purchase mentality. Dresses have always been my weakness, and I’m pretty sure at this point I have a dress for virtually every occasion in life.

Banana Republic Tweed Fit And Flare Dress

The latest addition to my dress collection is this tweed stunner from Banana Republic. I hadn’t previously owned any tweed dresses, so of course I knew I had to get it (there’s my justification ;)). The fit-and-flare was another huge selling point for me. I don’t think you can get a silhouette more feminine. The dress itself is thick and substantial, making it look very high end and perfect for any summertime event. There’s also a fringe detail along the trim that adds a nice whimsical touch. I have a few bridal showers coming up the next few months, and this is going to be my dress of choice when those days come.

Banana Republic Dress

Banana Republic Tweed Dress

Another new and noteworthy piece of today’s look?

These incredible lace-up sandals. I struggled on what color to choose because they all would have gotten a warm welcome in my closet, but ultimately settled on the nude pair (Vachetta on the BR site). I tend to be rough on shoes, so I was in need of some cute but versatile summer sandals. Lace-up shoes are everywhere at the moment, and I have to say they’re way more comfortable than I imagined! I’ve already worn these multiple times, and they are holding up perfectly. I have a feeling we’re going to get along very well these next few months!

Banana Republic Eryn Heels

 Banana Republic Tweed Dress

  Banana Republic Tweed Fit And Flare Dress

Banana Republic Tweed Fit And Flare Dress c/o

Banana Republic Eryn Sandal c/o

Banana Republic provided free product in exchange for this post. All opinions expressed are my own.
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  2. Alissa

    Okay so I cannot believe that I forgot this, but I have a tweed Tory Burch dress that I have NEVER worn and your fabulous dress reminds me that I neeeeeeed to dig it out!

    The Adored Life

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