Week In Review

I can proudly say that this was the first full week that I have felt completely healthy and normal for the first time in over a month! You never realize how great it is to be healthy and normal until you don’t feel that way. There were times this past month that I had it in my head that I would never feel better. And it was the worst feeling. Luckily, I’m back to 100% and I can’t wait to start getting back into the swing of things and enjoying summer.

Fruit Pizza Cookies

To say a smile came over my face when I laid eyes on these fruit pizza cookies is an understatement. It’s 11 p.m. as I’m writing this. And I think the thought of these just gave me a rush of energy. Erin from Well Plated is basically a genius for taking the traditional fruit pizza and putting it into bite-size cookie form.

Fruit Pizza Cookies Recipe

Hoop Earrings

Ever since I fell back in love with hoops a few months ago, I’ve been very aware every time I come across a pair I like. So I was browsing the Tory Burch site and came across these adorable charm hoop earrings. They are truly the epitome of summer, considering the charms are made up of a cacti, shells, cherries and bananas. In addition, they’re now on sale!

Tory Burch Hoop Earrings

The Lady Lair

I came across a House Beautiful article earlier this week discussing the ‘Lady Lair’. I was intrigued and had to click to see what the heck they were talking about. Essentially, it’s the female version of the man cave, and I am totally on board. Imagine having a room for lounging, pampering yourself. Or just a general “happy place” and you have yourself a lady lair. The abundance of lucite and bold colors in the House Beautiful feature seems like a room I would totally create for myself. So I’m now convinced that any place I live from here out will only be sufficient if I myself have a lady lair.

Lady Lair House Beautiful

Have a good weekend!


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