Collared Lace Dress

Self Portrait Lace Dress

Donna Morgan Dress

If there were a dress that completely summed up my style, this collared lace dress would be the one. My mom actually found it on Lord & Taylor’s site (thanks mom) and yelled for me to come look at it right away. Sure enough, it was love at first sight. My mom knows I have a soft spot for anything with a collar, especially if feminine details are also added to the mix. I’m pretty sure I added this Donna Morgan number to my cart ASAP.

If  you’re familiar with the brand Self-Portrait, then you probably notice how this could totally pass as a dress from the popular label. The best part, though? This was a fraction of the price. I think I ended up paying around $100 for this black lace beauty. Doesn’t it look like ten times more expensive than that?! I had to snatch this up right away before someone else beat me to it.

Outfit Details

There’s so many great details on this collared lace dress, you have to look closely to see them all. There’s this great sheer detail right under the white collar, which adds a subtly sexy element to the mix. And I love how intricate the lace outer layer is. It’s a bit longer than the built-in nude slip underneath, allowing the lace trim to really stand out along the hem.

Black Lace Collar Dress

Collar Lace Dress

Unfortunately, I can’t even share a link to this exact dress because it’s all sold out. I shot these back in May and didn’t post them right away because I got sick. This must have been a popular one! I’ve always loved Donna Morgan dresses, and this is obviously at the top of my list. They know their way around constructing the most feminine, girly dresses!

I almost always style my hair down in beachy waves, but thought this dress called for a long, wavy ponytail. When you wear a dress this intricate, I think it’s good to keep your hair out of the way so it doesn’t compete. I feel like I’m at that point where I need a haircut, but keep pushing it off. The length is amazing about 85% of the time, but then there’s moments where I want to pull a Britney and just shave it all off. The maintenance can be such a hassle when it’s this thick and long, but once it’s styled? Love. These are the life decisions that keep me up at night.

Black and White Collar Dress

Collar Lace Dress Self Portrait

Collared Dress with Lace

Donna Morgan Dress

Donna Morgan Lace Dress

Lace Collar Dress

Donna Morgan Isabella Dress (love this, this, this, this, this)  | Lulu’s Ankle Strap Heels (similar)


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  2. bytheseasideblog

    I love this dress! Looks lovely on you- these lace dresses have been to die for. Just need to decide which one now 🙂 Great post!



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