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Another summer work week in the books! Can we pause time or slow it down a little? My brain is fried from the week, so I’m not 100% sure what my weekend plans are but I do know I have a bridal shower and an open house. A little work and a little play, except in real estate a little work usually pans out to be hours of unexpected work ;). It’s all good, though. It’s not too bad being busy this time of year because the weather’s so nice. Also, it’s much easier running around town all day when the sun is shining.

Glitter Guide shared a guide to the best in Fourth of July fashion, and I thought it was too good not to share. Sure, sporting your red, white and blue is patriotic, but there’s also something so chic about this color combination. I’m loving this flirty and feminine striped dress from ASOS they shared.

Fourth of July Fashion

ASOS Downtime

Speaking of ASOS, did you know their site’s been down the past few days? It felt like the online fashion world was quickly coming to an end. I remember being up super late Thursday night, and deciding to take a quick browse on the site like I usually do. That’s when I first saw the site had been down. But I assumed they were doing some middle of the night maintenance. I was bummed, but didn’t fret too much. The next day when it was still down? Worry set in. Was one of my favorite online retailers going off the grid?  I then saw that tons of other people were also freaking out, which frankly made me feel a little bit better about my own hysteria.

Luckily, the site is now back up and running (hallelujah), but you have to read this hilarious Buzzfeed article that shares everyone’s sentiments about ASOS being down for *so long*.

National Pink Day

Apparently it was National Pink Day the other day, and I’m bummed I missed out on it. A day celebrating one of my favorite colors? Sign me up. I thought this pretty rose, lemon and strawberry infused water recipe from Wallflower Kitchen would be perfect to celebrate the day of pink. It’s non-alcoholic, but could probably change that if you wanted to ;). I’m a sucker for anything pink, especially when it can be drank.

Pink Drink Recipe - National Pink Day

Have a good weekend, everyone!


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