Candy Colored Stripes

Colorful Striped Shirt JCrew

I’m back after a brief blog hiatus! Do you ever have those moments where life just gets a little too overwhelming and you need to take a step back and have a breather? That’s where I’ve been the past few weeks. And after an extremely relaxing trip to Cleveland over the holiday weekend, I’m ready to dive back into the real world.

Joe and I did a ton of fun things over the weekend. We really explored Cleveland which we haven’t done in awhile. I joke that I don’t visit him in the winter because I just can’t handle the lake effect, but that actually was the case this year. Somehow, I managed to avoid journeying up there the entire winter, which was made easier by the fact that he was prepping for his CFA those months. I wasn’t complaining, especially since his work schedule had him in the southern parts of Ohio a good amount of the time. Now that summer is here, I was antsy to get up there and enjoy the nice weather. It’s crazy how different the temperatures are in Cincinnati and Cleveland. It’s a good ten degrees cooler up there, and I even struggled with it this time of year. I’m pathetic.

Madewell Cropped Skinny Jeans and Candy Colored Stripes

JCrew Candy Colored Stripes

JCrew Candy Colored Stripes popover

J.Crew Candy Colored Stripes

The focus of today’s blog post is this colorful striped J.Crew shirt. If there were a shirt that summed up my attitude in the summer this would be it. Fun, colorful and comfortable. My eyes were instantly drawn to it when I was shopping at J.Crew a few weeks ago. It comes in a tunic version as well, but there was something about this shirt that I loved. As much as I loved it, I was a little worried because it looked pretty big and boxy. Luckily, they had a really small size that I tried on and it ended up working. For reference, I typically wear a size Small. I went with a XXS to make it a little less boxy. It still has a good amount of that casual, flowy structure, too.

This top is totally me this time of year.

I gravitate toward the most colorful pieces in the summer, even if they aren’t the most practical. Not to say this isn’t practical, but it’s definitely something I’m not wearing to work every day. With that being said, this will be the first thing in my suitcase when I pack for my upcoming Florida trip. The multi-colored candy stripes give off retro beach vibes, but also weirdly remind me of that Fruit Stripe gum with the zebra on the packaging.

Colorful Striped Shirt JCrew

Also, I feel the need to mention my love-hate relationship with these skinny cropped Madewell jeans. I love the length and the wash, but this zipper causes me some serious issues. I wanted to mention it in case anyone thinks I’m an idiot who doesn’t know how to zip her pants up all the way. For some reason, the zipper just slides down throughout the day. Not blatantly or all the way, but just the perfect subtle amount that I don’t even notice it until it’s too late. Case in point, these lovely pictures!

Colorful Striped Shirt JCrew

Colorful Striped Shirt JCrew

Candy Striped Shirt JCrew

Colorful Striped JCrew Shirt

J.Crew Candy Striped Popover Shirt

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Rebecca Minkoff MAB Tote

Banana Republic Eryn Sandals


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