Scalloped Bikini

Mott Bikini Marysia

Marysia Swim

I had been wanting a Marysia swimsuit for what felt like years leading into this summer. I cannot tell you how many times I’d stalk them online, fantasizing about which suit I’d get if I ever made a purchase. Every color and style is so chic and timeless, so really any option would be good in my book. The detail in this scalloped bikini is probably my favorite aspect of the brand’s iconic suits.

This summer (after spending countless hours swimsuit shopping online), I decided it was time to treat myself to a Marysia swimsuit. At first, I had a hard time justifying the price, but I knew these suits had to be good., My next struggle was figuring out which color to go with. I had it narrowed down to the mustard color and this red one. I ultimately went with the red, mainly because I’ve always wanted a solid red swimsuit (and it’s been hard to find one that isn’t super skimpy).

Marysia Mott Bikini

Honestly, this suit was worth every penny. The quality is top notch, and the fabric makes it the most comfortable suit I’ve ever worn. It’s also extremely flattering. Sometimes I feel like swimsuits can cut me off at weird places. Fortunately, this suit sat so nicely and held me in comfortably. There’s no underwire support, but it’s really not necessary with this halter cut. I have to be pretty picky about swimwear when it comes to this, and I had zero issues.

Marysia Scalloped Bikini

Marysia Swim

I took these pictures on my vacation to Captiva Island, Florida last month. Now I’m wishing I was back at the beach.

Anthropologie Straw Hat

Marysia Swimsuit

Marysia Swimwear

Red Scalloped Bikini

Marysia Mott Top | Marysia Spring Bottom | Anthropologie Hat


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