A Lunch Date at Sotto

Sotto Restaurant Cincinnati

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If there’s ever a chance to eat pasta, you better believe I’m going to take advantage of it. This is especially true if Sotto is the destination. It’s been one of my favorite Cincinnati restaurants since it opened a few years ago, and I know I’m not alone in my favoritism. There’s something magical about walking down those steps into the dark underground space where the restaurant is located. The romantic atmosphere paired with the always amazing menu is what keeps me coming back time after time.

As if my favorite restaurant wasn’t already perfect, they recently started offering lunch, which could be slightly dangerous for this Italian girl’s appetite! I immediately thought of the other person who would be just as thrilled about a Sotto lunch as me: my mom. We had a lunch date a few weeks ago, and I’m still dreaming of our meal.


cavatelli alla vodka

Sotto Cincinnati

We both ordered the cavatelli alla vodka without hesitation.

The vodka sauce has always been our favorite, and I wish you could see the smile that appeared on my face when I heard this was a lunch option. It was pure bliss. My mom also ordered the panzanella, which included arugula, tomatoes, burrata and homemade croutons. She raved about it, and I can attest that every last bite of that salad was accounted for. Of course, prosecco also made an appearance at the lunch table (it was a Thursday, which is basically the weekend ;)). The perfect ending to the meal was when two freshly made ricotta donuts were delivered. If you talk to anyone who has ever dined at Sotto, you’re guaranteed to hear about the famous ricotta donut holes!

Sotto Lunch Menu & Donuts

I know this post sounds like one big love letter to Sotto, and it is.

love this restaurant, and would recommend it to anyone visiting Cincinnati. There’s truly nothing like it, and it’s my go-to for a family meal or a romantic spot with Joe. I’d also recommend Sotto if you suffer from food allergies like I do. They have always gone above and beyond to accomadate me and make me feel safe, which is priceless.

A Lunch Date at Sotto Cincinnati

Thank you to Sotto for inviting me to lunch!


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