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Welcome to the first Friday of the fall season! It still feels like summer, which I’m totally fine with. My mom and I celebrated the last official night of summer Wednesday by venturing to Top of the Park for a rooftop drink. It was beautiful out, and it made me realize I’m still going back and forth with this season change.

Do you have any weekend plans? I don’t have anything on the agenda for Friday and Saturday yet, but Sunday I have my annual family bocce tournament. It’s an Italian tradition in our family, and despite my mediocre bocce talent, I still look forward to it every year. I just hope that my team makes it past the first round this year. I don’t think I’ve ever achieved that milestone.

Lulu Frost Jewelry

I’ve been pretty good about not buying jewelry for a while now (other than some vintage brooches recently), but the more I look online the more I’m tempted to splurge. I always love everything by Lulu Frost, and I try to stay strong by avoiding the site altogether to avoid temptation. After a moment of weakness this week, I decided to check out what’s new and of course I now cannot stop thinking everything that I want. There were a ton of gorgeous statement pieces, but something about this Cosmic necklace spoke to me. I love the choker length, and the metals are still subtle but statement-making. The mix of gold and silver is perfection!

Lulu Frost Cosmic Necklace

I don’t think there’s a cocktail more perfect for this weird in-between season thing than this one. It’s a Cider Beer Sangria, and it looks and sounds genius. You have the touches of fall with the apple flavors, but also are still paying homage to summer with the sangria addition. I like it.

Cider Beer Sangria

For the longest time, I was never a big Pinterest user. I don’t really know why, because there’s so much inspiration in one place. For whatever reason though lately, I’ve found myself spending all my downtime browsing through Pinterest on my phone. I’ve had a pretty hectic summer and on top of that was sick a lot the past few months. Pinterest became like a calming mechanism for me and served as an escape from my day-t0-day stressors. It’s funny because Pinterest can be notorious for being stress-inducing due to all the “perfection” you come across. Luckily, it’s been a fun way to pass the time. And I’ve been trying to make a point of pinning more things (mostly food related). You can follow my Pinterest here!

pinterest food


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