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Pink coat outfit ideas

I hope everyone had a nice Valentine’s Day! Mine was a bit unexpected, as I spent it at the doctor, got an x-ray and then squeezed in an emergency physical therapy visit. I’ve had back problems for years, and my pains have hit an all-time high in recent months. I’m now experiencing neck pains as well, so it’s been quite the painful roller coaster.

The day wasn’t a total loss, though. Right when I got home from the doctor’s office, I had some much-needed deliveries at my door. First up was a little treat for me from me. I have had a huge chocolate craving lately, so I ordered some boxes of chocolate from my favorite nut-free shop Vermont Nut Free Chocolates. A few short minutes later, a delivery from BloomThat was at the doorstep from Joe. I wasn’t expecting anything since we’ll be seeing each other in a few short days when we head to Seattle, but it was a nice surprise (and distraction from all my pain)!

black and pink outfit ideas

I shot these back in January (or was it late December?), which is a testament to how bad I’ve been about blogging lately. I think this is my fourth or fifth winter blogging, and it really doesn’t get any easier trying to squeeze in outfit pictures this time of year. On top of being busy with work, the weather never seems to be decent when I actually do have a little time to shoot some pictures. It’s alright though, because I have spring on my mind. March is so close, which means we’re one step closer to April!

I also have some exciting personal things in the works that I’m pumped to move forward on in the coming months. I’m also hoping it’ll help me get back into my normal blogging routine.

Feminine Outfit Ideas

One of my favorite color combinations is pink, black and white. It’s sleek but feminine, and I love the way the colors complement each other. I’ll admit, I never was much of a coat person until recent years. I had one or two coats, and while they were cute, I had them strictly for purposes of warmth.

Something sparked a coat and jacket interest in me though, and I haven’t looked back. This hot pink coat checks off all the boxes for me. The structure is very ladylike and polished. The length is just right. The vivid color makes it fun and a nice addition of color in the dreary winter weather. Shop some other pink coats I’m loving below:

Another thing you’ve heard me profess my love for is the brooch. Brooches are by far the most versatile piece of jewelry a girl can own, and I highly recommend adding some to your wardrobe! Most of the time you’ll find me wearing mine pinned to the right or left side of the top I’m wearing. Another great way to wear a brooch is to pair it with a button down shirt or blouse. Simply button your shirt all the way up and pin your brooch over the top button. It’s the perfect way to add some sparkle to an otherwise plain top.

The brooch I’m wearing today is from Casablanca Vintage, a massively popular vintage store here in Cincinnati. Bruno Mars and Kesha have been known to stop by when they’re in town! Vintage stores are a great place to search for unique brooches, by the way!

pink winter coat

How To Wear a Brooch

How to Wear a Pink Coat

Pink Coat (similar) | Black Pleated Skirt (similar) | White Blouse (similar) | Silver Clutch (similar) | Kate Spade Cocktail Ring (love this Kate Spade option) | Vince Camuto Heels (similar)

Mary Jane Heels  Hot Pink coat

how to wear a brooch

Pink Coat (similar) | Black Pleated Skirt (similar) | White Blouse (similar) | Silver Clutch (similar) | Kate Spade Cocktail Ring (love this Kate Spade option) | Vince Camuto Heels (similar)


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  1. Brita

    The structure is definitely feminine! I have a hot pink coat that doesn’t get much use in Georgia, but it was great in France, New York, Canada, and Ohio. It’s a fully lined, wool pea coat.


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