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How to wear a plaid skirt

It might be the second day of spring, but it’s still pretty chilly here in Cincinnati. Springtime is one of my favorite times of the year, but I certainly am not getting ahead of myself when it comes to wearing spring clothes. Sure, I’m anxious to pull out my dresses and skirts, but staying warm is always top priority so layers it is for now!

Feminine Winter Outfits

I bought this Carven tartan plaid skirt at Soho in Hyde Park (one of my favorite Cincinnati boutiques!) a few months back, but wore it a ton this winter. It’s a very thick and textured tartan plaid, so it kept me nice and warm when I wanted a more feminine look. Typically you wouldn’t think of red, purple, brown, white and black going together, but all the colors work flawlessly in this skirt. I couldn’t believe when I walked into the store and saw this. I had seen it on a few street style blogs and was dying to get my hands on it. It was true fate when they only had one skirt left and it was in my size!

Womens Black Blazer

Another favorite during these cold months has been my polka-dot tights. The dots are small and subtle, but they add a fun element which I always like.

I can’t complain too much about winter because we got pretty lucky this year with a mild season. I know a lot of people like snow and the cold, but I secretly enjoyed the fact that we barely got any. After the new year hits, my mind is pretty much only focused on green grass and anything that blooms.

How to wear a plaid skirt

Get The Look:

Ann Taylor Bow Blouse (similar splurge, similar affordable)

Urban Outfitters Black Blazer (similar)

Carven Tartan Plaid Skirt (love this option)

Vince Camuto Heels (love these)

Kate Spade Midnight Rose Ring (back in stock!)

Polka-Dot Tights

bow blouse   Plaid Skirt Outfit  Tartan Plaid Skirt

Tartan Plaid Skirt


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