Pink Lace

J.Crew Lace Peplum Top

It still feels so weird getting used to dressing for spring temperatures. It’s been absolutely gorgeous here in Cincinnati lately (minus the spotty thunderstorm) and there have even been a few days that feel like summer more than spring.

J.Crew Lace Top

Between having guests in town for Easter, the spring real estate market and some projects I’m working on for the blog, life has been beyond hectic lately. Being able to go outside and take a breather is such a relief and a quick little escape from the madness. When I say spring is my favorite time of year, I’m not exaggerating! All winter long I dream of being able to walk outside and not freeze to death, and this time of year always makes me so happy.

Joe drove down for Easter and we spent a ton of time outdoors over the weekend. There’s a network of hiking trails on the street I grew up on that have become extremely popular over the years and that I strangely had never tried out myself. Despite being quite out of breath when we climbed 800 feet to the top, it was a great experience and we got to see some pretty incredible views of Kentucky and the Ohio River.

To celebrate the spring season, I decided to take this pink lace peplum top from J.Crew for a spin. I got it for Christmas, but rarely wear sleeveless tops in the winter (I usually opt for warmth over cuteness). Speaking of J.Crew, they just came out with a ton of new arrivals and I’m having a hard time staying disciplined. Shopping was one of the things I gave up for Lent, and it felt extremely refreshing to not spend money. I was hoping to keep the trend going after Easter, but J.Crew’s new collection is seriously tempting me.

Pink Lace Top

J.Crew Lace Top

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    J.Crew Pink Top

Pink Lace Top

Pink Peplum


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