Bauble Wish List: Summertime Jewels

Despite the rainy weather these past few days, it’s starting to feel real that summer is right around the corner. Yesterday we had gorgeous weather here in Cincinnati, and it made me eager for some long-term warmth.

I’ve been trying to be good about the things that I purchase lately, but scouring my favorite sites’ jewelry selection is always dangerous territory. This time of year is always my favorite because you see so many bold and vibrant colors, and that holds true in the jewelry department.

One of my favorite summer jewelry trends is color blocking, as evidenced by some of the pieces above. I’ve always been a huge fan of mixing colors and what better time to experiment than now? Pair these pieces with a predominantly white outfit to make the jewelry stand out.

Another summer jewelry staple I love is a brooch. Sure, brooches are my go-to year round but there are a ton of fun options out there right now. Take this sparkly flamingo and pearl-encrusted martini glass, for example.

What jewelry trends are you loving at the moment? If you’re looking for more accessory-related inspiration, be sure to check out my past bauble wish lists!


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