9 Must-Have Summer Swimsuits

one piece swimsuits

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After spending the last week at the beach I am so ready for swimsuit season! My beach body is a different story. However, there are so many gorgeous swimsuits out there that I’ve been swooning over lately.

I read something recently that one piece swimsuits have actually surpassed bikinis in popularity, and I have to say that I’m not surprised. I lived in one piece suits as a child because I was on swim team for so many years. Honestly, I think we all hit the bikini stage once we get to our teenage years. Although, I’ve found myself buying more and more one piece swimsuits in recent years. There’s something so feminine and timeless about them. Frankly, the options have just been so much cuter than bikinis lately.

Some of my favorite swimwear brands lately have been Solid & Striped, Marysia, and Mara Hoffman (all included above). My most recent swimsuit purchase was a Solid & Striped one piece that’ll be making a blog appearance very soon!


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