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Although I’m a bit sad about summer ending, I must admit that I’m extremely excited about an event coming up in September. The Cincinnati Food + Wine Classic is a two-day long event (September 22nd and September 23rd) that celebrates the rich flavors and offerings of local and regional movers and shakers in the culinary industry.

I’m honored to be an ambassador for the Cincinnati Food + Wine Classic this year, and I’m giving Baubles to Bubbles readers a special discount code to attend! Just use the code “baublestobubbles2017” at checkout.

In addition to all the great chefs that’ll be in attendance, there will also be pastry chefs, baristas, mixologists, winemakers, sommeliers, pitmasters, and more! It’s such a well-rounded event that covers truly every inch of the food and beverage industry.

I’m excited to take in the Live Fire Grill Pavilion, where pitmasters will be firing up and serving their specialties. Maybe it’s because I have zero experience with grilling, but I’m super intrigued to see these chefs do their craft and work with the flames to create something incredible. I also have a feeling we’ll be spending *a lot* of time around the Dessert Pavilion, but you have to finish off a meal with something sweet!

cincinnati food and wine classic



Local culinary celebrities that will be on hand at the event include Molly Wellmann, Dan Wright, and Jean-Robert De Cavel. There’s also going to be a ton of notable names from cities such as San Francisco, New York City, Pittsburgh, Columbus, and St. Louis (see the rest of the talent here).

I could go on and on about all the different things I’m excited to experience here, but I’ll refrain! I’ll definitely be documenting the event, but instead of following along via social media, you should experience it yourself! Just click here to purchase your tickets and don’t forget to use the code “baublestobubbles2017” for a nice discount on tickets!

cincinnati food and wine classic


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