Dinner Date at Northstar Cafe

Northstar Cafe Liberty Center

In this month’s collaboration with Liberty Center, the theme was “fun and entertainment”, so I decided it was the perfect opportunity to dine at one of the many culinary options at Liberty Center.

While I’ve been to Liberty Center more times than I can count since they’ve opened, my mom had yet to make a trip there. I knew it was the perfect opportunity to bring her out there, show her all the great shopping and top off the night with some dinner. There are so many great options dining wise, but we ended up going with Northstar Cafe. I’ve heard so many people rave about Northstar, so it only seemed appropriate that we check it out for ourselves.

Northstar Liberty Center

Northstar Cafe Kitchen

Everyone at the restaurant was super friendly from the second we walked in the door. We had no clue how the process worked, so it was nice when the manager instantly greeted us and guided us to the counter where you order your meal. After looking at the menu, you realize that Northstar Cafe uses only the finest ingredients.

My mom and I decided to share the Spicy Harvest pizza, which included smoked gouda, corn, and jalapenos on a very thin crust (which we love!). My mom ordered a Rogue Ginger Mojito and since I wasn’t in an alcohol mood I stuck ordered a soft drink. Northstar’s soft drinks are not like other restaurants though, because they serve Boylan’s on tap! I’ve consumed Boylan’s products for years and didn’t even know they were available in the fountain variety. Nice touch, Northstar!

Northstar Menu

Northstar Cafe Menu

In addition to our pizza, my mom decided to get this side salad. It looked and smelled incredible when it arrived. All of the ingredients looked so fresh and colorful!

Northstar Cafe Salad

Northstar Cafe at Liberty Center

My mom and I had a great time shopping and dining at Northstar. Like I mentioned previously, there are a ton of great dining options at Liberty Center. While Northstar is at the top of my list, here’s a list of all the must-visit restaurants Liberty Center has to offer!

Northstar Restaurant

Thank you to Liberty Center for sponsoring this post!


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