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Recently, the lovely Jenna Shaifer reached out to me about visiting Ombré Gallery, her Cincinnati jewelry store located in charming Oakley. I was instantly excited because I thought I had known about everything jewelry-related in Cincinnati, but it turns out I did not!

The second I walked in the door, I felt like I was entering my happy place. The space was filled with white walls, hardwood floors, and jewelry as far as the eye can see. I love how it felt like you were stepping into an art gallery, which is fitting because the jewelry Jenna carries truly is art.

Before landing in Cincinnati, Jenna lived in New York and Washington, D.C., where she gained an impressive amount of experience with both fashion and art. Her noteworthy resume includes working at Ralph Lauren and Isaac Mizrahi, as well as museum experience at the storied Smithsonian American Art Museum and the Museum of Arts and Design in New York. Pretty impressive!

Nikki Couppee Jewelry

Ombré Gallery offers a wide selection of contemporary art jewelry curated from a long list of artists and metalsmiths. You’ll find creations from designers in the United States and all over the world. I actually bought a beaded bracelet that was crafted by women in Guatemala and is absolutely gorgeous!

Bow Earrings

One of the things I love most about Ombré Gallery is the mix of traditional and non-traditional jewelry. Since so much of fashion is commercialized now, it can feel like you constantly see the same things over and over again. Right when I stepped into Ombré Gallery I was transfixed on the unique selection. There were so many pieces that I got up close and personal to so I could see how they were constructed and what materials were used. It really helps you appreciate the technique these artists use and all the work that goes into creating a unique piece. When you look at jewelry from that perspective, you really start to understand and appreciate it as an art form, which is what Jenna has successfully accomplished with Ombré Gallery!

Julie Rofman

Of course I couldn’t leave the store empty-handed! It was a tough decision, but I decided on this Julie Rofman beaded bracelet pictured above and this Melissa Borrell gold necklace you see below.

Melissa Borrell  Cincinnati Jewelry Store

Ombre Gallery Cincinnati

Designer Jewelry Cincinnati

Cincinnati Jewelry Store

Gold Designer Cuff Bracelet

Jewelry Store Cincinnati

Cincinnati Jewelry Boutique

Julie rofman jewelry

Lego Jewelry

Niki Ulehla Jewelry

The Nikki Couppee jewelry display was probably my favorite in the entire store. I went home with close to 25 pictures of the below display from every different angle! All of these colors are right up my alley, and the construction of these pieces is breathtaking in person.

I took close to 200 pictures Ombré Gallery that day, so that should say something about how impressive this space is! If you live in Cincinnati or are ever passing through, you must visit Ombré Gallery and talk all things jewelry and art with Jenna!

Nikki Couppee

Ombre Gallery Cincinnati

Ombre Gallery

Jewelry Shopping Cincinnati

Sandra Enterline Jewelry


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