Coat Craze

Stylish winter coats used to be something I didn’t think existed in the world. Maybe it’s because I become an instant negative Nancy the second it gets cold that I always used to just assume winter fashion was dark and bleak (like my soul when it gets below 50 degrees).

In recent years, I decided it was time to kick my winter fashion blues and start searching for outerwear with a bit more pizzazz than something all black (although I do love classic black anything). Since then, I’ve added cobalt blue, pink, and faux fur coats to my collection to name a few. While it doesn’t make the cold temperatures go away it definitely gives you a mood boost having a little color injection!

I don’t know about where you live, but it seems like we went from summer to winter in this last week. It’s been gloomy and rainy for days now, which has caused me to start reaching for my warmest outerwear. This season’s latest winter coats have me itching to do some shopping!


Teddy Coat | Black and White Polka Dot Coat | Colorful Faux Fur Coat

Faux Shearling Jacket | Star Print Faux Fur Coat | Tailored Tweed Coat

Tartan Plaid Coat | Powder Blue Tailored Coat with Ruffle Sleeves

stylish winter coats


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