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Last week, my mom and I had a Thursday evening dinner date at Palomino in downtown Cincinnati. Actually, I must admit that we opted for more of an early bird special dinner time (per my request). I wanted to be able to get some good shots of the pretty food and cocktails and Fountain Square while it was still somewhat light out. This getting dark early business is never fun! It ended up being the perfect time because we got a table right next to the large windows overlooking the hustle and bustle of downtown. The ice rink is already up on Fountain Square, and everything lights up when the sun goes down.

Palomino Cincinnati Cocktails

It’s rare to have a night where both my mom and I don’t have something going on, so it was nice to take our time and enjoy the evening. It was extra nice because I’ll be moving out shortly when the new condo is finished (you can read more about that here). My mom and I are best friends, and while I’m obviously extremely excited to finally have Joe in the same city as me, it’s going to be hard not spending all my free time with my mom. Every so often my mom and I go to Thursday night trivia, and while we crush the pop culture and entertainment categories, we are terrible at all the history and other “smart people” categories. We’ve been anxiously awaiting Joe’s arrival so we can actually partake in a trivia night and have all the bases covered. I’m sure there are a lot of fun moments to come (and hopefully a winning round of trivia!).

There were so many enticing items on the Palomino menu that it was hard to narrow it down. We started off ordering some cocktails: a lavender cosmo and a Supernova (a Grey Goose, strawberry puree, and prosecco float). If you’re looking for fun and fancy cocktails, look no further. The colors on these were so pretty and vivid and they were equally as tasty!

Palomino cincinnati

The food did not disappoint, in appearance or taste. My mom got the soup pictured above and it smelled incredible. I went with the fettuccine alfredo pasta, and the kitchen was extremely accommodating with my nut allergy. We also had the sweetest, most attentive server named Arwa. My mom and I could not stop talking about how impressed we were with her and how nice she was!

For her main dish, my mom ordered a steak with roasted potatoes. It smelled incredible when it arrived and she said it was equally as tasty!

Fountain Square Restaurants Cincinnati

Cincinnati Steak Restaurants

My mom ordered this almond-crusted limoncello cake and raved about it. The presentation was gorgeous, and as a fellow lemon lover, it looked incredible. Our server Arwa was kind enough to bring me a basil sorbet since I usually don’t order dessert because of my nut allergy. I love when a restaurant is accommodating!

We had an amazing dinner, and were in such a relaxed state that our meal probably lasted nearly two hours just taking in the view and enjoying the food.

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Palomino Cincinnati

Best Cocktails Cincinnati

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After dinner, we walked over to Fountain Square and took a few pictures in front of the fountain. I’m a sucker for multi-colored fountains, so it’s not surprising that my camera roll is filled with pictures of the fountain rotating through every different color.

Fountain Square Cincinnati

Thank you to Palomino for inviting us in for dinner!


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