Shades of Blue, a Bow, and a Beret

White Heels with Baby Blue Coat

Since it’s been a pretty harsh winter here in Cincinnati, I’ve definitely noticed myself not dressing up as much as I usually do. Joe and I have pretty much been hermits while we finish up the final stages of our condo and wait for winter to end.

Fortunately, the days since I’ve gotten back from Florida have been extremely sunny which is a nice distraction from the cold! Like I mentioned above, Joe and I are starting to get to the final stages of our condo renovation. I’m not going to lie, it has been a total nightmare getting everything done! There are so many moving parts when going through a renovation project, and it’s been a frustrating process. We both know it will be worth it in the long run, but some of the people working on the condo have really tested our patience for their lack of urgency. I’m thinking of filming a YouTube video discussing the whole experience once it’s done, so let me know if that’s something you’d like to see!

How To Wear a Baby Blue Coat

Taittinger Champagne

While we’ve been pretty stressed out trying to get everything done, it’s been really nice to get to spend time together now that we’re in the same city. That’s why when Champagne Taittinger reached out to me about enjoying their champagne for an everyday special occasion I knew our condo project would be the perfect outlet. Even though the process has been stressful, it’s exciting to see the progress that has been taking place: the finished tile in both of the bathrooms, the cabinets being installed (they’re white and I’m in love), and our big green couch that arrives Thursday! I think we’ll have to enjoy a bottle of Taittinger during this stage and another bottle when we actually move in to christen the new space!

I really admire the Taittinger brand because it is one of the last family-owned and operated Champagne houses and has been in existence since 1932. I love when a brand has a storied history!

Champagne Taittinger

Like I mentioned, I haven’t really gotten dressed up much recently but the sunny days we’ve been having made me change my mind. For today’s look, I wanted a feminine feel with a bit of a casual vibe, which is why I added these light wash skinny jeans. This baby blue coat was a purchase from Trend Boutique a few years back and I still love it as much as I did when I bought it. If you want to see it in some throwback posts on my blog then click here and here! It’s a nice statement coat and I really like the baby blue shade since I don’t have much of that color in my wardrobe.

Outfit Details:

Baby Blue Coat (similar)| Bow Blouse (similar) | Light Wash Denim

Strathberry Tote | Beret | White Pumps

Baby Blue Coat with Bow Blouse  Baby Blue Coat

Bow Blouse with Beret

Bow Blouse with Blue Coat  Baby Blue Coat   Cincinnati Skyline


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