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California Closets Consultation

As I’ve mentioned a ton over the past six months, Joe and I bought a condo and have been in the process of having it completely renovated. It’s been quite a process, but we are finally finishing up our move! Although we completely redesigned certain aspects of our condo layout to make it more space efficient, we’re still working with a pretty small area square footage-wise.

Recently, I had the opportunity to partner with California Closets, and it was truly eye-opening seeing what storage solutions they were able to create in the blink of an eye. I worked with LauraLee out of the Cincinnati California Closets location, and she was incredible throughout the whole process!

California Closets Process

We first met at our condo for the initial consultation, which is free by the way! I showed her the closets that needed some TLC and also posed the issue of the small spaces we were working with. I love that LauraLee asked me what my main needs and concerns were in regards to closet space so she could create a design that would make the best use of the space. I love that they don’t treat it as a one size fits all solution and that they take to heart what you’re looking for. Another aspect I was majorly impressed with is that they can work within any budget. You may think that custom closets instantly means a hefty price tag, but I was amazed when LauraLee showed me the customizations you were able to get at any price point that fit your needs.

California Closets Cincinnati

California Closets Consultation

Once we went through the condo and sat down to look at finishes, I was pleasantly surprised to see what a wide range of gorgeous finishes California Closets has to choose from. Again, everything is so customizable meaning that no two closets are ever the same! There are clean and simple white finishes, or if you’re feeling more adventurous they have a selection of chic textured finishes from Italy, which also happen to be environmentally sustainable.

LauraLee designed a closet in our hallway and it was incredible to see her design come to life with the 3D model. I think in this day and age it’s vital for a company to be technologically advanced, which puts California Closets at a competitive advantage. They use the ClosetCAD program to bring closet designs and layouts to life, which allows the customer to get an authentic vision of what their space will actually look like. That’s so much better than seeing a flat sketch on a piece of paper! The closet itself maximized the amount of hanging space, which is essential for someone who has a ton of clothes (me!). LauraLee also added some shelving that would be perfect for shoe storage, which yes, are another thing I also have a lot of!

I cannot say enough about what a good experience I had working with California Closets and I highly recommend anyone looking to maximize their space to reach out to them for a consultation! If you want a custom storage solution for different areas of your home at any budget, then you know who to call!

Marie Kondo Book

LauraLee was also nice enough to give me a copy of the Marie Kondo book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, which I cannot wait to dive into. California Closets and Marie Kondo have teamed up to help spread the word about the KonMari Method, which is the notion that an organized space creates a joyful environment. Watch this incredible closet transformation in the video below!

California Closets Design     California Closets Blogger  Shoe Storage California Closets

I also had a chance to visit the California Closets Cincinnati location and loved seeing all their displays. This jewelry storage was giving me some major inspiration for my large collection!

California Closets Jewelry Storage

California Closets

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of CLEVER and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.


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