Colorful Tweed Shift Dress

Sister Jane Dress ASOS

Have you ever discovered a brand you love and desperately want a piece from their collection but aren’t sure what to settle on? I think the first time I came across the Sister Jane brand was a couple years ago when I was browsing ASOS.

It was love at first sight, and I loved how unique, feminine and over-the-top the pieces were. I was so close to buying a few different pieces but after giving myself a spending pep talk I held off. As much as I love getting dressed up I couldn’t come up with enough occasions where I’d be able to wear the items I was lusting after.

Sister Jane Clothing

I held off and admired the brand from afar but always spent time drooling over their pieces when I saw them on ASOS. When I came across this colorful tweed pinafore Sister Jane dress I knew I had to act on it. These colors are my style to a T and there are little tiny pearl details on the front of the dress that look like buttons. It’s also a shift dress so it’s quite forgiving!

Has anyone else been extremely busy this summer?

It seems like life just gets more and more hectic as we get older, but this summer has been one for the books! Between traveling, having surgery, juggling real estate and some incredible opportunities through my blog, I admittedly feel really worn out. I worked non-stop this weekend and barely had time to grab a meal in between work obligations, which is good but I’m someone who thrives when they get alone time to balance out the chaos. Also, I had a few meetings yesterday and came home at lunch and immediately passed out in my bed! I spent the rest of the day working from bed, and actually got so much accomplished which was a good feeling. If only I could work from bed every day!

Outfit Details:

Sister Jane Tweed Dress | Sam Edelman White Pumps | Strathberry Nano Tote

ASOS Sister Jane Dress

Colorful Tweed Dress   Sister Jane Dress

Sister Jane Dress

Strathberry Nano Tote

Colorful Pinafore Dress

White Pumps

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