Why I Cannot Stop Shopping at J.Crew

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You could say I’m a little J.Crew obsessed at the moment. I’ve always been a pretty big J.Crew shopper, but as many other ladies did I took a brief step back a couple years ago.

J.Crew was always known as that iconic brand you could rely on for classic staples that would never go out of style. I think everyone’s biggest complaint was that things got a bit too “trendy” over time and the clothes themselves kind of lost their way. The classic but fun pieces we loved fell by the wayside for a bit. Luckily I am 100% back on the J.Crew bandwagon! If you needed any more proof of that you should see all of the orders I’ve placed in the past month or so. There’s been a lot of packages on the doorstep. Especially this past week while the 40% off sale has been going on. (I’m thinking of filming a J.Crew haul to share all the great pieces I picked up!)

Tailored Pants

I’ve always been a pretty simple gal in the pants department. As in, I would wear jeans or ponte pants from J.Crew (think of it as a more substantial legging). White jeans, dark wash jeans, black jeans. Jeans were pretty much the only thing on the menu. It was a big deal for me when I branched out and bought a pair of tailored black pants. You would have thought I was allergic to a trouser. I think I was just traumatized from ill-fitting pairs growing up.

Black tailored pants were really my first foray into the non-jean world. That was about three years ago. Eventually, a navy and gray pair were added to the mix (wild, I know). The real surprises came this year, though.

I started to crave more tailored pants in my wardrobe.

I needed all the colors, and I needed them now. It was during a typical peruse session of the J.Crew website that I came across this powder blue pair of tailored pants. I ordered them instantly and counted down the minutes until they arrived. Much to my delight, they fit perfectly, and I have truly never felt more powerful than when I put these on.

Since this pair, I’ve ordered four more pairs of tailored pants (all in different colors). I’m hooked, and if you aren’t a trouser believer take my word for it! It was the effortless but polished look that has me sold on these pants. I can wear them for work when I’m groggy on a Monday morning and have no motivation to get dressed. Also, I can easily style them to be more glam on the weekends, which is what I did here with a black slinky cami. I could go on and on about my love for tailored pants, but I’ll spare you and let you experience it for yourself!

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