Oasis Face Bar: My New Obsession in Cincinnati

I tend to be pretty minimalistic when it comes to my skincare routine. I take my makeup off each night before bed, moisturize every day. Also, I use an exfoliating scrub on my face a couple times a week in the shower.

Honestly, I think my nut allergy plays a big part in my simple routine, because long story short: there are a TON of nuts in skincare products. That’s also one of the reason I’ve always been scared about getting different beauty treatments. I dread having to explain my allergy and question if products are safe when I get services done.

It’s mostly because I always feel like a huge pain having to ask people to investigate their products to see if they’re safe for me. I’ve also had a lot of people just blankly stare at me or brush off my allergies when I mention them. All of these reasons have caused me to sort of avoid a lot of things altogether over the years. Furthermore, settle on the fact that there are certain things I can’t enjoy like other people do.

Olivia Johnson is at Oasis Face Bar Cincinnati

Oasis Face Bar

Those reservations changed when Emily from Oasis Face Bar reached out to me. Oasis Face Bar started in Columbus and recently opened up shop in Cincinnati, specifically in Over-the-Rhine. I told her that as much as I’d love to experience their services, I have an allergy that can make beauty and skincare a problem. She immediately reassured me and let me know that they’ve had many clients in Columbus with allergies and that they would totally be able to accommodate me. This was music to my ears! It might sound stupid to those who don’t have allergies. But it can get really depressing when you can’t do things most people don’t even think twice about.

Review from Blogger Baubles to Bubbles of Oasis Face Bar

I really liked that Oasis Face Bar had experience in this department and instantly felt at ease and excited to get in and get a treatment! Simply put, Oasis Face Bar offers all the great perks of a facial without the added ‘fluff’ that you would get at a traditional spa. I love this concept because I know a lot of us are always on the go and may not have the time to devote to a full blown spa experience. The facials are completed in 30 minutes. So you can easily pop in for a service and go about your day.

They offer a wide range of facials depending on skin type and sensitivity. There are 6 different facial options to choose from. Also, you can include add-ons to your service, such as dermaplaning or a chemical peel.

Baubles to Bubbles Review of Oasis Face Bar - See that dark patch on my cheek? That's my skin without dermaplaning!
See that dark patch on my cheek? That’s my skin without dermaplaning!

I got the Soothe treatment with dermaplaning and it was amazing!

I’ve only experienced dermanplaning one other time and forgot how nice it made my skin feel. This involves a surgical blade (it sounds scarier than it actually is) that removes the dead skin and peach fuzz from your face. It does not hurt at all despite hearing the word ‘blade’ and your skin is left feeling silky smooth.

Oasis Face Bar Cincinnati Review from Baubles to Bubbles

Another cool feature I loved is that they offer monthly memberships. Now that I know this is safe for me to do I really like the idea of making this a consistent part of my routine. Also, a monthly membership is a great way to make that possible!

Greater Cincinnati ladies, whether you’re a skincare connoisseur or novice I highly recommend a trip to the new Oasis Face Bar in OTR!

Blogger Olivia Johnson at Oasis Face Bar in Over The Rhine
This is me completely bare faced after my facial! Probably the first ever makeup-free picture I’ve posted on my blog!

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