Celebrating Ohio Wines

You might not know, but June is Ohio Wine Month! Something else you may not know is that Ohio is loaded with incredible wineries all across the state.

Ohio is home to over 290 wineries, with each one offering something unique and memorable. Winemaking in Ohio dates back to the 1850s and this rich tradition continues to grow to this day.

Malbec from Listermann Brewing in Cincinnati, Ohio

The Cincinnati area alone is home to a ton of great Ohio wineries. So if you’re ever looking to visit one, click here to see a list of wineries that are both local and across the state.

Listermann Brewing

While there is a multitude of Ohio wineries to choose from, I knew I wanted to visit one I have heard great things about but had not yet experienced myself. Listermann Brewing is unique in that it not only produces wine but also a vast selection of beer, ciders, and meads.

Located on Dana Avenue in Xavier University territory, Listermann Brewing is known for its inviting, laid back atmosphere. This is definitely the spot to go if you want to enjoy a glass of wine in a space that is unpretentious and encourages interaction with its long tables and benches.

Cincinnati blogger Baubles to Bubbles at Listermann Brewing
Bottled wine from Listermann Brewing in Cincinnati Ohio

I ordered a glass of the cabernet sauvignon and Listermann Brewing also offers a pinot grigio, Sangiovese aged in bourbon barrels, and will also soon be releasing a pinot grigio with key lime.

I loved the packaging of the wine bottles; especially the Blood of Jupiter. The cabernet sauvignon was delicious, smooth, and refreshing for a hot June day.

Listermann Brewing Wine
Listermann Brewing Cabernet Sauvignon
Listermann Brewing sangiovese wine from Cincinnati, Ohio
Blogger Baubles to Bubbles drinking wine at Listermann Brewing in Cincinnati

Joe and I had a great night hanging out at Listermann Brewing and experiencing their wine. While I’ve been to a few other local wineries; I’m looking forward to experiencing other Ohio wineries and their tasty creations!

This post was in collaboration with the Ohio Grape Industries Committee but all opinions are my own.

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