The Polo Is Back

I’ve been adding more and more polo-style shirts to my wardrobe the past year and I don’t see that slowing anytime soon. I mentioned on my podcast in January that I thought the polo was going to make a stylish comeback in 2021.

You could argue that a polo never truly goes out of style and I agree. However, I feel like outside of button-down shirts with collars, the standard polo hasn’t been front and center in recent years. Not only do I love the resurgence they are making, but the variety of styles is also exciting.

I think the more casual type of polo is something we’re going to continue seeing a lot of. This white cashmere polo sweater I shared below perfectly mixes that polished but relaxed look. Of course, we also have the other end of the spectrum with an offering of fun, colorful polos. Think sequins and color-blocked stripes. The rugby shirt has also seen a big surge in popularity.

To me, the polo popularity makes sense. It’s a classic, but it’s also such an easy way to dress up your look and make it a bit more professional without being too stuffy. We’ve all been on plenty of Zoom calls the past year and need to look put together in a pinch. A stylish polo checks all the boxes, even if you are still wearing those oversized sweatpants from high school below the camera.

Stylish polos for women

Red polo dress / Sequin polo shirt / Cashmere polo sweater

Colorful striped polo / Ribbed polo sweater / Mixed media rugby shirt

If you too were a tween/teen in the early 2000s then chances are you had a nice little polo collection. I personally had options from Ralph Lauren, Hollister, Abercombie, and Lacoste. If you were a true fashionista in this memorable era you layered your polos and rocked a double popped collar. Green and pink were my personal favorite combo.

Although I’ve left my layered polos in the past I’ve been loving adding polos into my current rotation.

Shop some other stylish polo options below!


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