The Perfect Pairing: Sgroppino and Loren Hope Lemon Earrings

If there is one thing I can’t get enough of in life it would be lemons. Whether it’s in fashion, jewelry, food, drinks, or decor, I simply love a lemon moment. That’s why I can confidently declare that a Sgroppino is a cocktail I could happily sip on as my drink of choice for the rest of my life. It’s simple, it’s classically Italian, and it’s so damn good!

Sgroppino Cocktail with Lemon Earrings

And for all the reasons above, that’s why I’m pairing this prosecco cocktail with the Loren Hope Lemon Drop earrings. Loren Hope jewelry holds a special place in my heart. I first came across the brand in my early days of blogging and immediately fell in love with everything they created! It’s my style and personality in jewelry form.

Joe knows how much I love Loren Hope jewelry (of course some friendly reminders over the years never hurt!) and he surprised me with these lemon earrings for my birthday this year. He obviously did great! I had been eyeing these same lemon earrings on Loren’s website so it was a pleasant surprise when I opened them up. These earrings have been worn quite frequently this summer and I thought it was only right that they had a companion with the lemony Sgrappino!

If I can’t be on the Italian coastline right now I might as well dress and drink the part. If you want a sweet and indulgent yet refreshing cocktail then the Sgrappino is your answer!

This drink is great because it’s composed of simple ingredients yet feels elevated and formal. It blends prosecco, lemon sorbet, vodka, and a garnish of mint (if you please). I used this Camille wine glass from Crate and Barrel to hold the Sgrappino because of its generous size.

Have you ever had a Sgroppino? Let me know if you make it! Once you Sgroppino you never Sgro-back. I’ll see myself out. Cheers!

Loren Hope lemon drop earrings
Blogger Olivia Johnson makes a Sgroppino cocktail
Sgroppino cocktail with lemon earrings
Italian Sgroppino cocktail with Loren Hope lemon earrings

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