Our Wedding! A Colorful Summer Day to Remember

I decided to share highlights of our wedding in a series of blog posts! I know when I was planning for the big day, scouring the internet to read and see other brides’ experiences was immensely helpful and inspirational. I thought I’d share as much detail as possible in hopes it can be helpful to someone else who’s in the frantic planning stage of their wedding.

Wedding Party Roebling Bridge Cincinnati

We’re closing in on a year of being married, so I figured it was probably time to share some highlights of our big day! I’ve had all these posts sitting in my drafts for many months, and I’m finally sitting down to share them. Not to go too far off the path, but I’ve been dealing with some health issues the past few years (hello endometriosis and SIBO) and there are times when little tasks, such as sharing a blog post, feel like monumental ones. I’ve been working on getting over these health humps to feel better, but it’s no small feat, and if you too are suffering from endometriosis or gut-related issues I feel you!

Back to the happy day. Joe and I got married on June 19, 2021, and it was the perfect day to get married! The one stipulation I always had for a wedding was that I wanted it to occur in June. I’ve always loved that time of year, and it’s when I feel like everything is just perfection. From the nice weather to the cheerful greenery, and my overall mood, it’s like the stars align in June.

Wedding at The View Mt. Adams

June Wedding or Bust!

We were originally supposed to get married on June 20, 2020. We were among the many hoards of COVID-era brides-and-grooms-to-be that had to roll the dice when making decisions. My mom and I were so excited about our original date. The twentieth day of 2020 just looked right! Deep down though, I knew when the pandemic was starting that this would not be something that would pass in a month.

I felt very strongly that we needed to push our wedding back. Joe was on board, too, so we started reaching out to our vendors about the possibility of a new date. Again, I felt so strongly about June that I just wanted to move it back a full year. A lot of people around us thought we were insane, especially because nobody else was budging on their dates yet. I’m glad I went with my gut and did so early on because I was able to coordinate with all of our vendors for our new date. We didn’t lose a single one, which was a relief!

Another major reason for keeping our new wedding date in June was because our entire theme was centered around that time of year. My bridesmaid dresses were Kelly green, my flowers were the most colorful selections you could imagine, and the overall vibe was just a summer wedding. This was just not going to fly in November or most other months! Our original date fell exactly on the summer solstice, otherwise known as the longest day of the year. Our new wedding date was a day short of the solstice, but we still got to enjoy all that extra sunlight. By now, you’re probably thinking I’m completely unhinged, but perhaps if you’re a summer lover like me you will understand.

It’s Like Raaaiiiiinnn…

Alanis Morisette once sang about rain on your wedding day, and let me tell you, rain it did on our big day. In fact, it monsooned. Tornado sirens wailed throughout our rehearsal dinner the night before. We had a rooftop bar rented out for a welcome party that same night that got completely washed out and relegated to the hotel lobby. Things were not looking good. Our rehearsal dinner was at Primavista, which has floor-to-ceiling windows and overlooks the city, so our out-of-town guests got a perfect view of the lightning show.

I was hopeful the rain would eventually subside, but it continued to downpour throughout the night and into our wedding morning. I guess that’s a possibility for a June wedding! It was so bad that entire streets had flooded and were covered in downed trees and branches. My mom was barely able to get out of her driveway to drive to the venue in the morning. It was treacherous! All morning as we were getting ready it was just constant sheets of rain. Miraculously, later in the morning we watched the storm slowly roll out as we were getting our hair and makeup done. It was a very surreal and exciting moment! I like to think those that couldn’t be there that day were pulling some strings.

Wedding ring with yellow ranunculus
Cincinnati Wedding Venue
Colorful wedding tablescape
Wedding champagne tower
Bride and groom at St. Xavier Cincinnati
Colorful bridal bouquet
Bride in wedding dress
Bride and Groom near Roebling Bridge

I’ll be sharing more in-depth posts from the wedding day so stay tuned for that! We are so grateful to our family and friends for being there to support us on the big day.

Here is my post all about getting ready with my bridesmaids at our wedding venue.

I know finding vendors is a big part of planning your wedding day, so I wanted to share the people we worked with below.

Wedding Vendors

Photos by Kortnee Kate


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