Stylish One-Piece Swimsuits

I made the switch over to one-piece swimsuits a year or so after graduating college. I still have a few bikinis in my wardrobe that I like to keep on hand, but one-piece swimsuits continue to be my preference. They’re effortless, and if you’re “generously” endowed like I am, they just feel better. When I’m in swimwear, I want to look cute but not have to think too hard about anything else. Whether I’m lounging on a beach chair or immersed in the pool doing “George Washington hair” while pretending I’m still in grade school, I like to be held in by the forgiving material of my swimsuit. One-pieces just check all the boxes for me, and I have never looked back. Also, if you have no clue what I’m talking about in regards to George Washington hair, please refer to this fun Reddit thread.

When My Love for One-Piece Swimsuits Started

Speaking of childhood nostalgia, I realize my love for the one-piece likely started when I started swimming at a young age. I grew up in the pool and spent my entire youth on my local swim team. That meant sporty Speedo and TYR swimwear was practically my summer uniform. Our swim team colors were blue and green and every couple of years our team would get updated uniforms with our colors.

Because we spent so much time in these suits, they would stretch out a bit over time. It only dawned on me as I’m writing this, but another childhood pool memory has just been unlocked. As our suits got a bit more worn, the shell of the swimsuit would start getting loose. What do you and your fellow 8-year-old girlfriends do with this? When you’re in the pool you blow into your swimsuit, and before you know it this sad, saggy material is suddenly a temporary set of perky double D’s. If only I could have known in a few short years I would be developing real-life double D’s that weren’t so temporary. We would all parade around laughing about our big flotation devices before the air would escape and you were back to your saggy swimwear.

I have no clue if other young girls also did this with their one-piece swimsuits but it reminds me of simpler times. We were able to find entertainment with anything back in the 90s.

While I’m no longer blowing air into my bathing suit, my love for this one-piece wonder has not waned. I sadly haven’t swam for exercise in many years, so I’ve opted for more chic, stylish options. I’m all about bright colors, fun prints, and unique shapes when it comes to my swimwear. It also seems like more and more brands have been designing one-pieces in recent years, so the options have become truly endless.

You can see how I wore some of my favorite swimsuits here, here, here, and here.

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