Colorful Christmas Ornaments

Colorful Christmas ornaments

Ornaments are one of those Christmas-related items I could go absolutely crazy collecting. Maybe it’s because I grew up having three Christmas trees at my parents’ house. It was magical. We have our formal grand tree, a real tree that my mom decks out to the nines. The theme is gold, and she makes magic happen with ribbon, garland, and sparkly branches. There are oversized ornaments perfectly nestled into tree branches and motion ornaments that spin around, making a glittering statement. This tree is the ultimate statement maker.

The more “informal” but equally beautiful tree at my parent’s house is in our family room. This is where all the sentimental ornaments go. Think the works of art you might have crafted in kindergarten and preschool that feature your yearbook photo and some form of art surrounding it. There’s a plethora of custom mixed media ornaments featuring yours truly and my brother that we made our own as children. These are some of my favorites to gaze at on the tree, including my second-grade photo surrounded by a wreath of green puzzle pieces. This tree also has colorful lights, multi-colored garlands made of paper and beads, and some motion ornaments that include a twirling ballerina and disco ball.

Finally, we have the basement tree, which was a newer addition to the lineup after my parents had the basement finished. This is by far the most casual but is still fun with its black-and-white theme. My mom created a feathery tree topper as something a little different and it adds a festive touch.

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My Current Tree

Since Joe and I have lived in our condo, we’ve decorated with a silver Christmas tree. It fits in perfectly with our decor and the whole vibe of our home. Yet somehow I cannot find a decent shot of the whole tree for the life of me. You’d think after decorating it four consecutive years I’d have some good pictures and there’s a chance I do, but after hours of searching, I had to throw in the towel. I did find some shots I took with a glass of champagne because a Christmas tree just screams for a glass of bubbly.

Since we’ve had a tree of our own I’ve been steadily making our own ornament collection. Of course, I like my colorful Christmas ornaments, so our main color scheme is blue, green, pink, orange, and purple. They’re just your standard classic ornaments. Since I’m hoping to add new more special ornaments each year these simple ones serve as a nice base to fill the tree.

Most of my favorite ornaments I’ve collected hail from Anthropologie. Their selection is absolutely incredible. I’ve also recently discovered this brand that makes some of the cutest ornaments I’ve ever seen!

Glass of champagne with silver Christmas tree
Champagne glass with a silver Christmas tree backdrop with colorful ornaments

For more holiday inspiration, check out my holiday decor post here. I’m also slightly obsessed with my Christmas inspiration Pinterest board!


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