Bauble Wish List: Sylvia Toledano

Sylvia Toledano Jewelry

To kick off 2023, I wanted to share some jewelry inspiration from a brand and designer whose pieces I adore: Sylvia Toledano.

Sylvia Toledano is a Parisian jewelry designer who creates beautiful baubles in eye-catching styles. Pieces are crafted from textured gilded brass and semi-precious stones. Many pieces have a sculptural effect and I love the brand’s brilliant use of color. If you’re a color lover, this brand is for you.

Some of Sylvia Toledano’s most iconic pieces are the statement-making cuffs. They come in a variety of sizes, so you can wear one individually or layer them. The eye-catching brass mixed with the vibrant colors makes for jewels that stand out from the crowd.

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While I’ve always been fond of heart-shaped jewelry, it seems to be having a major moment. Sylvia Toledano has quite a few heart jewels I have my eye on. I like to sport my heart baubles year round, but with Valentine’s Day approaching next month it’s a perfect time to add some hearts to your collection!

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