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Now that it’s spring, I am crawling out of my winter hibernation hole to celebrate my favorite time of year. I live for spring. I probably annoy those around me with how deeply I appreciate this time of year and how each year I feel like a new person once April hits. Thankfully my mom and I share this spring passion and it takes up probably 75% of our conversations at the moment.

One of the reasons I love spring so much is that it’s finally a return to color! Gone are the days of dead trees, brown grass, and grey skies. It’s time for nature to come back to life, the cloudy skies to make way for blue hues, and flowers. Lots of flowers. I live for a tulip and feel like it’s officially spring once I buy my first tulip bouquet.

Thankfully, this aforementioned milestone took place last week and I knew my tulips were screaming out for a bar cart moment. I decided to do a quick spring styling of my bar cart to welcome in this joyful, colorful season!

How To Decorate a Bar Cart for Spring

My mom got me this bar cart probably seven or so years ago. It’s held up nicely over the years and I love the simple yet sleek design. Bar carts are great because they’re so versatile. They can easily blend in amongst other furniture and decor, but they also make a perfect piece to dress up for any occasion.

In my opinion, flowers are the easiest way to style a bar cart. Like I mentioned, I had to go with my yellow, pink, and orange tulips to celebrate this beautiful spring weather. I usually take my floral color palette and style around that. I added my Prosecco cocktail book because it’s the perfect pop of pink and a bottle of Veuve for its iconic orange logo.

Glassware is another go-to when I style my bar cart. I’m a sucker for interesting glassware, but my husband on the other hand is not. Something about “not wanting to fill our small condo to the brim with glasses we will never use” and that “we already have too many glasses that have never been touched”. I guess my dream of a room full of beautiful glassware will remain a dream…for now (or until we don’t live in a condo).

Luckily, I do have a pair of stunning coupe glasses that are my favorite to drink out of. If you like a fancy glass but don’t want to go crazy with options, I recommend everyone add some coupe glasses to their collection. They’re classic and timeless, yet they also feel modern and fresh. If you want to sip in sophisticated fashion, then a coupe glass is in order!

Bar accessories are also great options to display on your bar cart. I love our glass cocktail shaker and think it makes a chic addition. A candle is another simple addition to bar cart decor, especially if the color or scent fits the season. I bought this Red Flower candle a few years ago at a local home decor shop and totally forgot about it until I was doing a spring refresh. These candles are so elegant and come topped with scented flower petals that can be used in a sachet or added to a bath.

Hopefully this post gives you some inspiration for spring bar cart decor if you’re looking to jazz yours up for the season. I’m officially ready for warmer weather!

Prosecco cocktail book
Bar Cart Ideas for Spring with tulips, Veuve Clicquot, and coup glasses

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Pink, orange, and yellow tulip bouquet


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