Fall Porch Decor

Colorful fall porch display

Happy Halloween! Otherwise known as the last day of October, it means that in less than 24 hours many people will be entering holiday mode. Today is a day for pitchforks and pumpkins, but when the clock strikes midnight, the faint sounds of “All I Want For Christmas Is You” begin to play and it’s full steam ahead until December 31st.

While I absolutely love the holidays, I’m in no hurry to rush fall along. Uhh, Christmas? Thanksgiving and the entire month of November would like to have a word. It seems like with each passing year, we switch into holiday mode earlier and earlier. I may be in the minority, but I’m going to continue to enjoy fall while we’re in the thick of it. As a color lover, these yellow, brown, and orange hues are too good to pass up! That’s exactly why I didn’t want these pictures I took of our cute fall porch decor to go to waste.

Last year, my mom and I decided to decorate the front porch for fall. I say “the” front porch because technically I live in a high-rise condo building with my husband. However, my parents live in my childhood home, so that house will always be home, too. There is so much I love about condo living, but last year I really had a hankering to decorate a front porch. My mom has done fall displays in the past, but last year we did it all together and loved it. From shopping and picking everything out to putting it all together, it was a top-notch mother-daughter activity.

We pretty much replicated last year’s fall porch decor this year because we loved it so much! So far, fall has been very mild in Cincinnati, so everything has been holding up nicely.

Colorful corn, glass gem corn

My mom and I both audibly gasped when we laid eyes on this ear of corn. It’s like Lisa Frank herself created this work of art. We were mesmerized by the perfect blend and saturation of colors. I’m enchanted all over again looking at this picture! We couldn’t believe that this was actually real, so we asked an employee, and sure enough, as Lady Gaga would say, this rainbow-colored corn was born this way.

Fall porch decor
Fall porch decorations with globe amaranth and gourds
Stacked pumpkins fall porch decor
Stacked pumpkin decor with colorful corn and gourds

Items We Decorated With

Everything except the metal scarecrow display came from White Oak Garden Center. Thankfully my mom loves color as much as I do, so we went crazy with color. I also love the look of different styles, shapes, and textures to add dimension and personality.

Here’s a breakdown of our fall porch decor:

  • Yellow mums
  • Orange marigolds
  • Globe Amaranth (round purple flower we’re in love with!)
  • Multi-colored ears of corn (called Glass Gem Corn)
  • Mini gourds
  • Large gourd
  • Hay bale
  • Tri-colored pumpkin stack with twine
  • Large orange pumpkin
  • Small white pumpkin

I love admiring our cute little setup every time I come to my parents’ house. And even if some Christmas tunes do slip in here and there over the next few weeks, I will continue to celebrate all things fall until it’s time to “officially” cross over into the holiday season.


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