Colorful Christmas Tree Ornaments

Colorful Christmas Ornaments

It seems like stores are releasing their holiday collections earlier and earlier each year. While I don’t like the backseat treatment Thanksgiving seems to have gotten in recent years, I do admit that I enjoy seeing all the new holiday offerings tempting me and my credit card. This is especially true of Christmas ornaments.

Ever since we bought our condo five years ago, I’ve become quite fond of ornaments. It started innocently when we first got our tree and I needed ornaments to decorate it with. I had a nice base of simple solid-colored ornaments to get started, but knew I wanted to add some more personality. It’s no surprise I gravitated toward colorful Christmas ornaments in my search.

It didn’t take long to realize how much I enjoyed the hunt of finding ornaments I loved. I probably like them so much because ornaments are techincally jewelry for your tree. After all, ornaments are also called baubles. I’d be more concerned if I didn’t like them!

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My Ornament Collection

Outside of the color-coordinated ornaments I bought as my base, I don’t really stick to a theme for my “fun” Christmas ornaments. I collect what fits my taste and personality. That includes a few champagne bottles, a hot air balloon, and a sparkly pickle to name a few.

The hot air balloon pays homage to a hot air balloon ornament my mom has on one of the trees at my parents house. It plugs into the tree and spins, and it’s been around for probably as long as I have. I got the pickle as a gift for Joe for our first Christmas in the condo. He once told me how he grew up with a pickle ornament and whoever found the ornament first got to open a gift. It’s based on a German tradition, and I loved it, so I thought getting our own glittery pickle would keep the memory alive

Silver Christmas tree with colorful ornaments
Glass of champagne next to a silver Christmas tree
Rosé ornament

If you want to get in the decorating spirit with some spirits check out my cocktail ideas! My Pinterest is also filled with colorful Christmas inspiration, in addition to being my happy place!


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