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When I was in grade school, puka shell necklaces were all the rage in the summer. If you vacationed in Florida, you always made sure to make at least one stop at Wings, the massive beach-themed tourist store that had real estate on every corner.

Once you selected your coveted shell necklace, you would pair it with a similarly beach-themed graphic tee from the likes of Abercrombie and Fitch or Hollister. If you were like me, you were also in the midst of a six-year stint with braces and not yet knowing that caramel-colored highlights don’t work with dark eyebrows. It was fashion.

While I’ve retired the graphic tees (and the highlights thankfully), I still have a soft spot for shell-shaped accessories. The shell jewelry and handbags of today feel like a fun and fresh upgrade from my younger days while still showing my love for the beach.

Speaking of shells, Joe and I are headed to Florida in a couple weeks for a much-needed beach trip. Life has been busy and we kept talking about planning a getaway but couldn’t figure out where to go. We were looking at Europe and the Caribbean, but the last minute logistics of it seemed too stressful to make sense. Between absurdly priced connecting flights and long layovers we couldn’t settle on anything that made sense.

When I found a cheap (!) direct (!) Delta (!) flight to Florida I knew this was the right choice. We’re also craving some lazy beach lounging, and this is just the place to do that!

Shop my shell jewelry and shell accessory picks below!


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