Olivia Johnson of Baubles to Bubbles

Hello! My name is Olivia Johnson, and I am a twenty-something living in Cincinnati, Ohio. Cincinnati is where I was born and raised, other than the four years I spent attending the University of Dayton.

Baubles to Bubbles came about in 2012, the same year I graduated college with a journalism and marketing degree. While navigating the tough job market and trying to figure out what career path I wanted to take, I decided to put my degree to use and start a fashion blog. Little did I know, it was going to be one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

I ultimately ended up joining the family real estate business, where I work with my dad and get to help clients buy and sell homes every day. If you’re interested in talking real estate, feel free to email me!

Baubles to Bubbles is a space where I share my personal style and love for jewelry (baubles) and champagne (bubbles). You’ll also find lifestyle videos, decor ideas, beauty inspiration and travel musings. My inspiration is drawn from all things feminine, fun and colorful.