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Vineyard Vines Gingham Popover

Today’s post is dedicated to my love for a brand I’ve always admired, but only recently started wearing: Vineyard Vines. We’ve always had a few local boutiques here in Cincinnati that sold Vineyard Vines apparel, but I really didn’t know just how great/big their selection was until they opened a store at Kenwood Towne Centre late last year. I think I’ve already stopped in there around five times in the short time it’s been open. Not only is the store fun and inviting (and big!), but there’s so much to discover clothing wise. I was amazed at everything I was piling up to bring with me into the fitting room. I even bought my boyfriend’s Christmas present there. He loved it, by the way!

Not only was I majorly impressed with the selection at Vineyard Vines (blazers, cocktail dresses, classic sweaters, etc.), but everything I tried on fit like a glove. I’m a huge fan of the classic button down shirt, and you’d know it if you looked at my closet. The only problem with that is I struggle with my shirts gaping on a daily basis. When you have a bigger chest like I do, tops can sometimes become the enemy and give the illusion that your buttons are about to burst at any second. Double sided tape has been a friend of mine for as long as I can remember, but sometimes I wish I could just throw on a shirt and not have to worry about that.

Gingham vineyard vines shirt velvet dress

Well, all my fashion prayers were answered when I tried on this gingham popover shirt at the Vineyard Vines store. I was amazed when I put this on and had zero gaping or pulling! I even did a movement test and waved my hands in the air (like I just didn’t care) and still had no issues. I imagine my excitement was on par with how the girls in The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants felt when they tried on those magical jeans for the first time.

I also picked up a few other things on my trips to Vineyard Vines, and I’m sure I’ll be wearing those around these parts very shortly. I’ve been stocking up on a ton of classic pieces lately, and I now have a new destination to add to my shopping rotation. It’s dangerous and exciting all at once.

preppy winter outfit gingham

Vineyard Vines gingham popover shirt

For today’s outfit, I layered my miracle shirt with this vintage black velvet dress. We had an unseasonably (but amazing) warm weekend, so I took advantage and bared the legs! Layering your dresses in the winter is an easy and stylish way to switch up your look and take advantage of pieces already in your closet. This look definitely falls in the preppy and polished category, and for some reason I kept getting British vibes when I was looking at these pictures. Maybe it’s because the weather was a little bit overcast and it felt like it was going to rain all day. Whatever the case, I’m liking it!

How To Layer A Dress and Blouse

how to layer a dress for winter

Vineyard Vines Gingham Popover | Vintage Velvet Dress (similar on sale!) | Vince Camuto Mary-Jane’s (similar) | Kate Spade Holden Street Lanie Satchel


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  2. Grace Silla

    You look adorable – so polished and put together. Definitely a British vibe 🙂 I’ve seen many Vineyard Vine stores in passing but have never given them a shot. I will be keeping them in mind for future shopping trips for sure!



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