Week In Review

Hello there! I’m running on fumes at this point in the week. Work’s going great, and I’ve been incredibly busy with some exciting blog-related opportunities, so I’m not complaining. My boyfriend was supposed to be in town this weekend, but had a last minute change of plans. I was bummed at first, but now I’m a little excited to have some “me” time and hang out.

As usual, I wanted to share a little recap of what I loved this week. Have a good weekend!

  Cincinnati friends, there’s a lot going on at Kenwood Towne Centre this month. I just published a blog post for the Fearless Fashionista blog, so check it out here. In addition to some fun store events, there’s also a ton of great back to school fashion. I’ve been covering all the latest trends, and which stores you can shop them at!

Kenwood Towne Centre

 Jewelry lovers, listen up! I’ve shared my love for my friend Tara Lea Smith’s jewelry for quite some time on here, and guess what? She’s added lots of new pieces to her Etsy shop! I love this feminine statement necklace. The soft pink and pearls are giving off some serious Marie Antoinette vibes!

Tara Lea Smith Statement Necklace

Now, let’s end the post (and week) with a cocktail. How good does this blackberry lemonade margarita look from From Valerie’s Ktichen? Also, the rim is covered in sugar and lemon zest! That’s enough to make me want to drink this tonight.

blackberry lemonade margarita

image via From Valerie’s Kitchen


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  2. FashionEdible

    That blackberry lemonade margarita looks amazing. I could totally go for one right now. Heck, even without the margarita part it sounds delicious! Enjoy your weekend!


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