J.Crew New Spring Arrivals!

One of my favorite days to look forward to is when J.Crew releases all their new arrivals. Since I started blogging in 2012 I created somewhat of a tradition with myself to peruse the new arrivals section whenever they hit the J.Crew website. Years ago, I frequently used to do a blog post sharing my favorite new pieces and I loved doing it!

J.Crew New Spring Arrivals March

With all the uncertainty, stress, and fear surrounding what the world is going through right now, it’s been tough for everyone. As someone who suffers from waves of extreme anxiety and is also always glued to the news, my anxiety has been at an all-time high the past few weeks. In the last couple of days, I realized I need to continue to stay informed, but also do things that help take my mind off it a little bit and maintain a positive attitude.

I’ve been doing puzzles, cooking, re-watching old seasons of Real Housewives on Hulu, and drinking a glass of champagne here and there. I’m fortunate that unless I have to go out and show a house to a client, I can stay inside. Another stress-relieving activity I’ve been turning to is my usual perusing of fashion online. In case anyone else is looking for a lighthearted distraction right now and wants to look at pretty clothes like I do, I’ve shared below some stunning new pieces you can now shop at J.Crew!

Now that we’re getting into a new season, I’m loving all the bright, colorful spring styles I’m seeing. Hopefully, you’ll get some inspiration for your spring wardrobe!

J.Crew Spring Arrivals

Top Row: Translucent Beaded Earrings / Gingham Bow Dress / Pleated Pink Dress

Second Row: Scalloped Tweed Blazer / White Bow Top / Denim Jumpsuit

Third Row: Kiwi Lace Top / Glitter Gingham Sandals / Floral Print Top

Bottom Row: Structured Red Jacket / Orange Print Cashmere Top / Floral Applique Skirt

I definitely did some shopping today and bought a few pieces pictured above! What are you shopping from the J.Crew new arrivals?


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